This Interfaith Ministry affirms that there is one God and that the path home to our Source may take many forms. Interfaith walks among all religions and the interfaith minister is an ambassador who is able to build bridges between different faiths, cultures and races by creating ceremonies that reflect the beauty of diversity.

The following interfaith services that celebrate life's major rites of passage are available:



Rituals and Rites of Passage:

Career changes:

It only takes a change in point of view and the sails are set for forward movement.
Rabbi Joseph Gelberman

Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon everything is different.
Bill Watterson

Change can bring blessings in disguise, signifying that one is ready for new experiences, new growth, and new fulfillments.
Rabbi Joseph Gelberman

There is nothing permanent except change.

A career is one of the main ways in which we define ourselves. Accordingly, any change in a job whether it be a promotion, layoff, unemployment, or change of role should be ritualized. Rituals can be very helpful during any work or career-related transition. Although they do not necessarily make the transition easy, they do allow one to remain open to the opportunities present in such transitions. Rituals are important because they allow people to pause and reconnect with their priorities, shift their perspective, take control of their lives and realize the possibilities of their new circumstances.

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