This Interfaith Ministry affirms that there is one God and that the path home to our Source may take many forms. Interfaith walks among all religions and the interfaith minister is an ambassador who is able to build bridges between different faiths, cultures and races by creating ceremonies that reflect the beauty of diversity.

The following interfaith services that celebrate life's major rites of passage are available:



Rituals and Rites of Passage:


There is no death! The stars go down
To rise upon some other shore;
And bright in heaven's jeweled crown
They shine for evermore.

There is no death! The dust we tread
Shall change beneath the summer showers
To golden grain, or mellow fruit,
Or rainbow tinted flowers.

There is no death! An angel form
Walks o'er the earth with silent tread;
He bears our best loved ones away,
And then we call them "dead".

Born into that undying life,
They leave us but to come again;
With joy we welcome them - the same
Except in sin and pain.

And ever near us, though unseen,
The dear immortal spirits tread;
For all the boundless universe
Is life - there are no dead.

John Luckey McCreery

The pain experienced when we lose a loved one defies description. The sadness which each of us has experienced at some point in our lives can however be eased if we understand that death is merely the next step in our spiritual transformation.

We are visitors on this earth to learn what is necessary for our spiritual growth. Our schooling will continue lifetime after lifetime as we revisit this planet.
Interfaith funeral ceremonies are sacred rituals to honour the transition of a person who has graduated to a higher existence.

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