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Substances Antidotal to the Remedies:

It is important not to do anything that will interfere with the action of the remedy. Homoeopathic remedies can be antidoted by coffee, camphor, eucalyptus, menthol, mint (toothpaste, gum, candies, etc.) And strong odours. Please use a homoeopathic toothpaste. Take your remedy in clean air.

A remedy is NEVER repeated so long as it continues to act. Unnecessary repetition of a remedy may also cause antidoting. DO NOT REPEAT THE REMEDY UNLESS YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO!

The Dangers of Self-prescribing:

Classical Homoeopathy is a very precise and complex science. One should consult a professional Classical Homoeopath for all chronic and acute complaints. Before you self-prescribe, consider the following:


If you take too much of a homoeopathic remedy over a period of time you can "prove" the remedy - that is, you will suffer the symptoms that the remedy was supposed to cure. If the remedy was not correctly chose, you may, in addition, experience symptoms you never had before


If the remedy is not prescribed on the whole person, its effects will be partial and limited and the symptom picture will be confused.


Certain remedies are antagonistic and/or antidotal to others. You must be thoroughly trained to prescribe safely.


If improperly chose, homoeopathic remedies can be suppressive, pushing the illness further into the body.

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