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The Remedies

Hahnemann found that a very small dose of a remedy prescribed according to the Law of Similars produced better results than larger doses, and that, in fact, larger doses aggravated the illness. For curative purposes, incredibly small doses are sufficient.

The homoeopathic remedies are, therefore, highly-diluted (thus non-toxic) substances stemming from the plant, mineral or animal kingdoms. A remedy is created by combining one meticulously prepared part of the original substance with a specific quantity of alcohol. Each dilution is vigorously shaken before further dilution, and each dilution is made from the previous one.

Homoeopathic remedies are taken apart from meals. Do not eat or drink for at least one-half hour before or after the remedy. The tablets may be dissolved under the tongue or put in water. Your Classical Homoeopath will provide all necessary instruction.

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