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Clinical Homeopathy

Environmental and Iatrogenic Prescribing

The number of people suffering from environmental sensitivities and drug-related illnesses is rapidly increasing. In response to this serious problem, I have expanded my practice to include Clinical Homeopathy and will address these issues through a systematic process known as Reverse Chronological Tautopathy.  This approach which uses Homeopathic, Isopathic an Tautopathic remedies can re-balance the body’s energy system imbalanced by pollution, poisons, radiation, molds, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, synthetic substances, prescribed and recreational drugs, etc. and erase the accumulated energetic imprints.

Reverse Chronological Tautopathy is a systematic process of clearing out environmentally - induced disorders and complex iatrogenic (drug – induced) conditions created by vaccines, acute drugs, long – term antipathic or recreational drug use, and the above – mentioned environmental toxins. By using an outlined protocol, we will eliminate the effects of exposure to these toxins, remove the “obstacles to cure,” and prevent future environmental and iatrogenic disease.

Anyone under current Classical Homeopathy treatment and all new patients wanting to regain their health and vitality are invited to participate in this wonderful process.

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