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Homeopathy As Spiritual Medicine

Homeopathy is the medicine of God and Goddess. In its most profound sense it expounds the belief that we are energetic beings who have "fallen" into illness and that dis-eases are merely indications that we are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually off a balanced path. The goal of homeopathy is to restore this balance by correcting imbalances in the vital force, the universal, God-like energy force that lies behind all existence.

Homeopathy affirms that there are substances on Earth that have the capacity- when reverted to their energetic or divine, primal forms (potentized) - to heal and individual's suffering. When a homeopathic remedy which matches the essence of the energetic disruption is given, its acts as a stimulus or catalyst and causes the vital force to correct its energetic imbalance. Once balanced, the void or illness is satisfied and the patient not only returns to health but also experiences some degree of spiritual transformation.

Homeopathy peels off layers of imbalance until the patient re-balances at his/her deepest level. It returns man step-by-step to this primal state as it carves away the mundane, material residues which manifest themselves as dis-eases, plaguing his existence and preventing him from experiencing his god-like essence.

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