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Most parents believe that the acute or chronic illnesses experienced by their children can only be treated by conventional (allopathic) medicine which has been promoted as the gospel. However, while allopathy excels in emergency situations and times when the body is very weak and depleted, it is surpassed by other more viable approaches which acknowledge the sanctity and intelligence of the body when treating acute and chronic dis-ease. Fortunately, conventional medicine is beginning to lose ground as chronic disease continues to escalate and "alternative" healthcare practices regain their status.

Conventional medicine is predicated on the beliefs that 1. the symptom is the illness; 2. the body can be divided into parts and that the parts are not interrelated; 3. illness can be corrected by addressing the part without addressing the whole; 4. the body does not know how to regain health and the symptoms it manifests are troublesome and have no meaning; 5. crude, poisonous substances that suppress the body's natural healing intelligence can effect a cure.

The best example of a medical science that dispels these beliefs is classical homeopathy. Homeopathy was founded over 250 years ago and is based on the understanding that the body is an integral whole and that human beings are "energetic" entities composed of electromagnetic energy fields from which the physiological body is created. These energy fields are the templates or blueprints from which the human organism manifests. Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy's founder, described these fields as the "dynamis," or the spiritual "vital force," the invisible energy that animates the material body. He understood that it was imbalances that originated on an energetic plane that were the root cause of acute and chronic dis-ease and that cure could only be achieved by addressing these energy imbalances.

Homeopathy addresses acute and chronic dis-ease by stimulating the imbalanced electromagnetic fields to rebalance through the use of homeopathic remedies which are non-toxic and highly diluted, energized substances. Symptoms from the homeopathic standpoint are not the illness but merely an indication of an energetic imbalance. Further, symptoms are understood as being the organism's attempt to correct the problem. Accordingly, in order to cure, the total symptom picture which the body is exhibiting on all levels - spiritual/mental, psychic/emotional and must be paid close attention to. The person must be understood as a whole, not as a machine capable of being reduced to its parts since addressing only the part causes suppression and further imbalances the organism. The energized homeopathic remedies are not the crude poisons of allopathy but are "information carriers" which function much like DNA to gently stimulate the body's energy fields to complete what they have already began to do.

Classical homeopathy is an ideal choice of healthcare for children from birth onward. It is a non-toxic, gentle therapy that rebalances the child's health on all levels without suppressing and without creating further dis-ease.

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