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Classical Homeopathy for Children

For parents who are looking for a gentle, safe and non-toxic way to treat their children when they become ill, classical homeopathy is the answer.

Classical homeopathy, an alternative approach to the treatment of acute and chronic health problems is an
"energetic" therapy based on the belief that disease can be cured by changing the imbalance in the body's energy levels.Imbalanced energy is seen as the root of all disease.

Homeopathy's basic premise is that " likes cure likes," i.e. that if a substance can produce symptoms in a healthy person, it can likewise cure those symptoms in a person presenting with a similar picture. Accordingly, the homeopathic practitioner matches the mental, emotional and physical symptom picture of an ill child to a similar profile which a homeopathic remedy is known to produce in health human beings. The "like" remedy stimulates the body's own energy to produce a cure.

Homeopathy does not view the symptoms as the actual disease but looks upon them as the attempt of the body's "vital force" ( energy ) to make its imbalance known and to correct it. This is why it is essential to treat the whole child, not just the symptoms in isolation.

Homeopathy works with the body's innate intelligence to restore health without creating any further imbalance such as is caused by antibiotics ( anti life ), anti - inflammatories and anti- fungals, topical cortisone, zinc, etc.which only serve to suppress the body's intelligent response.

This non-drug therapy will not interfere with the integrity of the organism and is a wise choice for parents who are concerned about the rampant and often indiscriminate use of drugs.

Understanding the child by taking into account his or her mental, emotional and physical profile is essential and the core of the homeopathic assessment. Homeopathy is medicine that is practiced the way medicine should be practiced - by looking at the whole person, not just the symptoms of the disease and prescribing a safe, non-toxic remedy that will gently restore health.

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