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Classical Homeopathy for All ages

Classical Homeopathy, a highly scientific method of healing, was founded over 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann, a German chemist and physician.

This alternative approach to the treatment of acute and chronic health problems is an energetic therapy based on the belief that disease can be cured by changing the imbalance in the body's energy levels. imbalanced energy is seen as the root of disease.

Following Homeopathy's basic premise that "likes cure likes," a doctrine known as the Law of Similars, the homeopathic practitioner matches the mental, emotional and physical symptom picture of a patient to a similar profile which a Homeopathic remedy is known to produce in healthy human beings. The like remedy stimulates the body's own energy to produce a cure.

Homeopathy does not view the symptoms as the disease but looks upon them as the attempt of the body's vital force or guiding energy to make it's imbalance known.

Classical Homeopathy can be of great benefit to persons of all ages. From new borns to seniors, this gentle therapy works with the body's innate intelligence to restore health. This non-drug therapy will not interfere with the integrity of the organism and is a wise choice for the parents who are concerned about the rampant and often indiscriminate use of antibiotics, etc.

Competent, qualified Homoeopaths receive a minimum of 2000 hours training in Classical Homeopathy from a school which adheres to ICCH standards and instruction in the applicable medical sciences. This is followed by one year of supervised clinical practice

Many lesser training courses and a great many do-it-yourself books are now available. Accordingly, it is important to understand that one cannot learn a little bit of medicine and competently address health problems - even those that appear to be " Acute " conditions. A qualified, certified Homoeopath should be consulted at all times.

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