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Homeopathy and Alzheimer's

From the moment we are born our energy systems strive to keep us well. They do this by putting out symptoms to alert us to imbalances and dissipate energetic blocks.

This phenomenon continues for the elderly, who may share many common complaints. But each person is an individual with a unique heredity, health history, mental, emotional and physical makeup. Accordingly, homeopathy recognizes that it is the person and not the disease that must be addressed, regardless of the common symptomatology.

The Alzheimer's Challenge

Let's look at two different symptom patterns of Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's may be characterized by confusion, memory failure, disorientation, restlessness, speech disturbances, agnosia, an incapacity to carry out purposeful movements and even hallucinations. Additional symptoms may be the loss of sphincter control, refusal to eat, talkativeness, excitability, heightened sexual interest, irritability and the propensity to anger easily.

During the homeopathic assessment, it becomes apparent that, while many symptoms common to Alzheimer's may be present, each patient puts out a distinct profile which calls for the fine tuning of a remedy.

For example, the homeopath may see an Alzheimer's patient in whom the sexual element is strongly emphasized. This person may recite lewd verses, play openly with the genitals and tell of frequent sexual encounters. The patient may be very suspicious and excited, and experience a problem with involuntary stool as a result of excitement.

Upon further questioning, the homeopath uncovers the patient's underlying feeling of being an outsider, a strong desire or longing to be attached to someone and a sense of being let down, betrayed or deserted.

Taking the complete case, which also includes the patient's family and life histories, the homeopath will likely prescribe Hyoscyamus (henbane) which puts out a similar symptom picture in healthy human volunteers.

A Second Case

Another example of Alzheimer's symptoms may include slowed mental and physical functions, memory loss, aphasia, backwardness, thoughtlessness and foolishness. The patient is timid and may feel very uncomfortable in the presence of strangers, even to the point of hiding behind furniture.

Suspicion may be present and a delusion of being watched, criticized or laughed at. This person appears childish and may be jealous and irresolute. The underlying feeling is one of tremendous incapacity. They are dependent and appear dysfunctional. There is a marked resistance to change. On the physical side, an aversion to food may become present while eating. In this instance, the remedy that exhibits a similar profile is Baryta carbonica (carbonate of barium).

In mainstream Western medicine, patients showing similar symptoms are too quickly lumped together and labeled. Homeopathy does not do this and can have astounding effects on the problems of elderly patients, when clearly directed to the individual. The best results are achieved when the case is addressed by a well-trained and experienced homeopath.

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