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A Revolutionary Understanding of Cancer

Western Medicine excels in turning assumptions into “truths” through the use of finely – tuned marketing skills and a talent for instilling fear. And accordingly, the general public has been duped into believing that unproven results constitute acceptable “science.”

 One of the most recent challenges to the “science” of Western Medicine is the work of Dr.Ryke Geerd Hamer which presents a new understanding of Cancer and Cancer-related illnesses.

 Dr.Hamer’s approach called German New Medicine throws a wrench into Western Medicine’s lucrative game by scientifically explaining Cancer and Cancer-related conditions according to Five Biological Laws which outline the cause, development and natural healing process.

 These five principles which are based on biological laws applicable to every organism are firmly entrenched in natural science, not theory. They state that diseases are not a result of malfunction or malignancy in the organism, but are rather Significant Biological Special Programs of Nature (SBS) designed to assist the organism during  periods of emotional and psychological stress. According to the Five Biological Laws, diseases such as Cancer are meaningful, biological processes that can be understood in the context of our evolution and development over time.

 German New Medicine helps us to identify the cause of diseases, understand their progression, and recognize the symptoms that indicate that the healing process has begun.

 Anyone working through Cancer or a Cancer-related illness needs to consider this revolutionary approach that can significantly change the way they address the condition. Introductory sessions on Dr. Hamer’s work are available through the School of Awareness Tele-Conferences advertised on this site.



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