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Homeopathy, Tautopathy and Autism

Despairing parents facing the challenges of coping with a child who has been labeled “autistic” will be encouraged to know that Classical and Clinical Homeopathy have much to offer.

Classical Homeopathy, a deep acting, gentle and non-toxic therapy peels away layers of energetic disruptions caused by traumas, frights, and many other emotional etiologies that contribute to “autism;” while Clinical Homeopath using Tautopathy or Isopathy erases the energetic imprints left by toxic conventional medicine drugs and vaccines that stand as barriers to complete cure.

Classical Homeopathy relies on a “potentized” (diluted and succussed) substance that possesses a “similar” vibrational pattern to that of the natural “illness.”   Clinical Homeopathy uses the exact same substance (Isopathy) or drug (Tautopathy) that contributed to the disruption and administers it in potentized form.

Autism results from an accumulation of different causes which are sometimes hard to identify. Events and emotional shocks in a child’s life are certainly possible causes, but one must also consider any substance which the child - both in and out of the womb - has come into contact with to be possible etiologies. As example, substances such a nasal spray used by the Mother while pregnant and considered relatively benign can be a factor for the developmental disorder. Clinical Homeopathy gives the child the potentized form of the same nasal spray and if the spray was a contributing toxin, the case begins to reverse itself.

Most autistic children are curable because their brains are simply blocked, not permanently damaged. When one finds the cause of the “blockage” one can undo the problem. Tautopathy and Isopathy can address important pieces of the puzzle as experience shows that toxicity is a main contributing factor to Autism. Classical Homeopathy makes substantial, positive changes but alone does not bring about a complete cure. Used together, however, the results are astounding.




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