Homeopathy and the Chakras

Human beings are complex "energetic" organisms whose existence is maintained by a system of chakras fed by subtle prana which reflects the gross prana of the universe. When this system is in harmony we experience mental. emotional and physical freedom, the definition of a healthy being. When one or more chakras become imbalanced for a determined period of time , we experience periods of acute dis-ease. If the imbalances are not addressed what may start as acute illness may progress to become chronic states of dis-ease.

Given that we are dealing with a highly sophisicated kind of energy which lies behind the physical form, it stands to reason that the therapy required to address any imbalance in the system must be an energetic or "vibrational" one. At AS ABOVE ~ SO BELOW we have come to the conclusion that the system of medicine required to correct imbalances in the chakra system is one which was founded in the mid 1800's by a German physician named, Samuel Hahnemann.

This brillant system of medicine known as Classical Homeopathy addresses energetic imbalances by providing sublte vibrational energy through potentized substances called homeopathic remedies. These substances when correctly chosen by a trained, skilled homeopath, provide a frequency of energy that is similar to the frequency of the energetic imbalance . The homeopathic remedies carry encoded messages that are able to break the code of the chakra imbalance by " resonating" with it . What is exchanged between the ill person and the remedy is subtle/energetic bioinformation, not only a quantity of energy . This information triggers a healing response by stimulating the body's imbalanced energies to correct themselves.

Every substance from which a homeopathic remedy is created can be seen as possessing characteristics of one or more of the seven planets of the external kalachakra, further explaining why the remedies can so effectively influence the internal kalachakra of the human body.

Classical homeopathy must be prescribed by a skilled and well trained homeopath. There are a few who integrate the chakra theory into their practice. For a reference to a competent homeopath who also works with the chakra system , please contact us at


Spagyric refers to a method of creating powerful medicinal preparations from plants by separating their valuable parts from that which is impure, purifying those parts and and then recombining them. The "opening" of the raw material by this method creates a completely purified, natural substance which is easily broken down by the body's vital energies. In this manner, the organism's energies are not wasted on breaking down a less easily assimilated substance.

Spagyric processing is based on performing two fundamental alchemic operations and its beginning is attributed to Paracelsus, the great 16th. century healer who coined the term "spagyric" by combining the two Greek words "span" ( separate) and "ageirein" ( unify).

Ancient alchemists closely observed the workings of Nature and applied this knowledge to the creation of medicinal substances. The spagyric process is a continuation of the growth cycle of the plant as it began in the world of Nature. Accordingly, all processing takes place within the natural rhythm, on specific days and times according to the archetypal planetary rulership of the particular plant .During the spagyric process care is taken to protect all the subtle attributes of the plant's being in order that the true healing intelligence of the substance be fully maintained.

Due to the alchemic origins and the close association of spagyric tinctures, essences and magisteries with the planets that govern each plant, AS ABOVE ~ SO BELOW recommends spagyrics as a complementary therapy .Their correct prescription should be provided by a master herbalist , alchemist or homeopath. For a referral, contact and/or check our books and products section for additional information.

For those who cannot move to areas where the level of prana is sufficient for a healthy existence, ionizers which can elevate the concentration of negative ions in the environment are a solution. For information on how you can purchase an ionizer, contact us at or consult the products section on this site.

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