Interfaith. Peace. Healing. Soul. Spirituality.

A peaceful existence is based on an individual's respect, love and understanding of him/herself, and on the respect, love and understanding of all others. Those who live peacefully empower themselves and others and adhere to the commandment "thou shalt not kill" on all levels - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. To live a peaceful and balanced existence, one draws energy from the Divine Source instead of robbing energy from others.

A peaceful soul is obtained by bringing into balance the opposing forces within; by exploring and refining ones human possibilities; by experiencing oneself in relation to others; by finding ones own means of communicating with the Divine Source.

To enhance peace on a personal, interpersonal and global level, the interfaith Ministry at As Above~ So Below provides the basis for living a peaceful and joyous existence by:

One. Teaching that there is unity and beauty in diversity;

Two. By providing counselling for those who have deviated from a spiritual path;

Three. By encouraging a form of medicine which affirms the sanctity of the human body, recognizing that it is the "temple of the soul;" and

Four. By providing a welcoming and safe venue for peoples of all cultures, races and faiths to celebrate their uniqueness and sameness in creative, interfaith ceremonies for all stages of life.

The Ministry at As Above ~ So Below was also created to educate seekers by providing information on our macro/microcosmic connection. We have been researching our divine place in the universe for many, many years through a study of the scriptures, Kabbalah, Vedic and Western astrology, numerology and other esoteric means that guide our path Home. Our aim is to educate all seekers as they move along their path towards enlightenment.

The Lotus Medical Astrology Charts are the first in the series of educational and information vehicles that explain and confirm our connection to the universe. By describing the inherited, current and future paths of an individual's health, these charts offer invaluable insights that can keep one spiritually, psychically, and physically balanced.

Together we shall seek and together we shall find.

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