Interfaith is not a religion; it is a channel that connects the beliefs and traditions of one religion with that of another. Interfaith is the "good will" ambassador whose mandate is to respect and affirm the worth and beauty of each faith without negating any other. As such the Interfaith Ministry is a vehicle for clearing paths, building bridges and creating peace among peoples of all races, cultures and religions.

Interfaith emphasizes universal principles and spiritual truths. It celebrates mankind and the commonality and differences between all men. It personifies religious tolerance and acceptance. And it affirms that there are many paths leading people, of all races, colors, creeds, and cultures back to one Divine Source.

Interfaith finds a common ground between all peoples and explores ways to dispel the myths and fears that cause unfounded hatred between diverse groups. Interfaith finds beauty in diversity.

An Interfaith Ministry can take several forms. This Interfaith Ministry, created by Reverend Barbara Etcovitch is predicated on the conviction that a peaceful existence is based on an individual's respect, love, and understanding of him/herself and on the respect, love, and understanding of all others. Those who live peacefully and with joy empower themselves and others and draw energy from the Divine Source instead of robbing it from others.

It is her belief that a peaceful soul is obtained by bringing into balance the opposing forces within; by exploring and refining ones human possibilities; by experiencing oneself in relation to others; and by finding ones own means of communicating with a Divine Source.

Hence, the Ministry at As Above~So Below 1.teaches that there is unity in diversity and that unity does not mean uniformity; 2. provides counselling for those who have deviated from a spiritual path; 3.encourages a form of medicine which affirms the sanctity of the human body, recognizing that it is the "temple of the soul;" and 4.provides a welcoming and safe venue for people of all cultures, races and faiths to celebrate their uniqueness and sameness in creative, interfaith ceremonies including weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals, vow renewals, pet burials, and rites of passage for all stages of life.

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