Medical Astrology Charts

Medical Astrology Charts are created by (a) identifying an individual's birthdate, time of birth, season of the year in which s/he was born; and the seven year, one year and fifty-two day cycles which relate to the specific birthdate; and then by (b) charting the heavenly planets that were active during these times.By carefully plotting and then analyzing the placement within the chart of a possible seven planets which relate to the internal chakras of the body, insight may be gained into an individual's emotional and physical makeup.

The Basic Medical Astology Chart analyzes 1. the Genetic Cycle and the three constitutional planets that govern the inherited health of the seeker; 2. the Chakra Vitality Cycle and the corresponding three planets which describe the present vitality of the individual; and 3. the Chakra Aging Cycle and the three planets that govern the aging of the questioner. The Basic Medical Astrology Chart describes the attributes of each of the planets found in nine positions of the individual's chart and explains how they relate to the temperament and physical health of the seeker.

The Advanced Medical Astrology Chart offers the same detailed explanation but reveals additional information about the 52 - day cycles found within that individual year. The Marma points and dates or the critical time periods when an individual is more likely to experience health problems or signficant life changes are illuminated and discussed.

The Advanced Charts  are accompanied by a 20- minute, pre-arranged telephone consultation to discuss the information revealed in the Medical Astrology Chart.

Chart Accuracy

An accurate interpretation as revealed through the kalachakra charts depends on an accurate time of birth. However, if you do not have this information, charts can still be provided. If you know the approximate time of birth within a three hour period, a less specific but none-the-less informative reading can be given. If you do not know your time of birth at all, one Chakra Genetic and one Chakra Vitality and all Chakra Aging planets can be found. Most Marma information can be provided.


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