The only journey is the one within.
Rainer Maria Rilke.

All journeys start with awareness and through spiritual counselling sessions, my clients and I travel the spiritual path together because "real help is when someone shows you the way."

Our travels include an exploration of the basic principles that help keep one centred and balanced and create joy in one's life. The techniques taken from eastern philosophy such as visualization and meditation, as well as prayer are incorporated into individualized programs along with selected readings and in- depth discussions aimed at re-balancing the opposing forces within.

Clients first learn to explore, balance and perfect themselves, then how to respect and relate to others and throughout how to communicate with a Divine Source. Life is much like a mosaic or puzzle. One must first become a piece, complete in oneself before one can fit into the whole picture. And one must understand that everything is interrelated, part of an interwoven whole.

This is a unique opportunity to expand one's consciousness through an eclectic program created from the teachings of the great masters and New Age gurus. It is an excellent vehicle through which to learn and utilize the wisdom of all faiths, all cultures, and all traditions to create peace and joy in one's life.

Spiritual counselling sessions are held weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. For those not within travelling distance of one of the interfaith ministry offices, telephone consultations are available.

Appointments can be made by calling (613) 248-9885.
For additional information contact us at info@asabovesobelow.org

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